Surprise from Jamie Campbell Bower!

Don’t we all love when we get surprises from our main man?! Check out the video below from GibsonGuitarUK‘s youtube channel.



The Mortal Instruments Cast in Miami, Florida


Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, and Lily Collins met fans at the Dolphin Mall in Miami, Florida.

The fan site TMI Source tweeted from the event:

Crowd screams for @Jamiebower. He says “I love this. You have no idea how happy you’ve made me.” #tmimalltour

. @KevinZegers is really excited to film CITY OF ASHES #tmimalltour

. @Jamiebower on filming the greenhouse with Lily: “It was horrendous.” Lol #tmimalltour

If @KevinZegers could be a Downworlder he’d be a warlock. “Magnus yay.” @Jamiebower high fives him #tmimalltour

It was @Jamiebower’s idea to keep and wear the Morgenstern ring #tmimalltour

. @Jamiebower wears the Morgenstern ring everyday to remind him how lucky he is #tmimalltour

How is @KevinZegers like Alec? “I love @Jamiebower”

. @KevinZegers favorite character from the series (other than Alec) is Simon #tmimalltour

. @Jamiebower said he has a bit of a potty mouth #tmimalltour

Were you there? We would love to hear about it: